Wednesday, October 19, 2011


This is supposed to be a nostalgic blog on Malta which is aimed to Maltese and baby boomers who can appreciate some nostalgia of how Malta was or some tradition...or even question some past thinking and conditioning which rather than nostalgic it could be toxic and beneficial to move on...

I happened to come across a video by Anthony deMello who ingeniously explains how we can get ourselves caught up in illusions and how trapped we often let ourselves be. Past conditioning could be the culprit but whether it is sooner or later that we wake up it is always great to act fast.... So enjoy and find freedom....

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fuck It Spirituality

We often get stuck because of religious taboos. The Fuck It Spirituality is a way of breaking taboos when we get stifled and stuck. A healthy spiritual way forward is to be spiritually adventurous where we won't let ourselves get complacent and comfortable with what we believe as this will kill our chances of growing spiritually.

By using 'Fuck It' as a mantra in our daily lives we ensure ourselves to have more fun and humour in our lives and become more creative. It helps to clean our self-image from rigid thinking which is bound to change anyway.

The Fuck It attitude reduces stress also as we are not caught up in embedded thought patterns.

In the video below OSHO describes in humorous way the rich meanings behind the word FUCK.

Sunday, November 08, 2009


Belief systems and religions are a strange issue in our existance. They can either make you or break you. What you believe is the truth form your reality which becomes so part of you that it can drive you insane, makes you sick or liberates you. Everyone wants to know what the truth is and we are all on a search. However, how deluded we often are along the way.

Below are 3 videos that show exactly what I am trying to say. They are not intended to offend anybody's sentiments and beliefs but with these short videos I like to be able to get blog readers to be aware of the mechanism of beliefs and treat it as such - just beliefs. And if need be, there should be the courage to dump these beliefs however long we have been attached to them. Otherwise we are only deluding ourselves by feeling that we need to be loyal to some tradition or other by sticking to our beliefs.

And now check out the next one from Professor Richard Dawkins, author of the book The God Delusion. Here he is answering someone in the audience who was enquiring about the validity of his belief in God. He needed only a short answer for that. But again, will he be able to listen....

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Old Maltese Footage

Past memories of Malta on video are a rare find especially of the 30s with people in Ghonella, milking of cows, the old City Gate and the general lifestyle of the people of the time. Enjoy this 9 minute footage from 1933 of Malta then....

Friday, September 18, 2009


In September 8 the Maltese recall of the past war experiences that many had undergone - memories of hunger, fear and misery back in the 40s.

I came across an interesting link that shows the situation in the world during World War Two. One can see at a glance the horror that took over most countries in so much little time during this war. Check it out here.